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2017 ICD10 Codes

2018 ICD10 Codes

2017 icd10 codes We’re ahead of the competition, again. Our engineers have been hard at work updating and incorporating the new 2018 ICD10 codes into our database. QuikCoder is always ready for immediate, fast and accurate searches and will be ready for the October 1st code update deadline. The 2018 ICD code changes include the deletion of 142 codes, the addition of 1,974 new codes and 425 code revisions within the ICD10-CM System. It also includes 360 new codes and 226 code changes in the ICD10-CM System.

With QuikCoder, there is no need to stress out about the 2018 ICD code changes. We can show you how fast and easy you can search ICD10 codes with QuikCoder. Keying just a few letters on our free one-minute Test Drive is all it takes to know that this is the program for anyone who wants to efficiently and accurately code as quickly as possible. For more in-depth product testing, you can also take advantage of our free 7-day QuikCoder trial.

QuikCoder pricing plans include access to updated codes. Our Unlimited Internet Plan offers monthly and yearly subscriptions, or for a one-time fee, you can take advantage of our Download Plan, which is much more affordable than the other slower and less accurate coding software on the market today. Our Download plan includes the following:

  • ICD10 Codes
  • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Yearly Updates for a Small Fee

After using QuikCoder for just a short time, you will see why it is the coding software of choice by coding professionals throughout the industry. With only a few keystrokes, you can search over 70,000 billable 2018 ICD10 codes in milliseconds. You can also search in a variety of ways including simply imputing full or partial codes, words, descriptions and multi-word phrases. With a graphic user interface, it is easier to use than text based user interface programs. The improvements in speed and accuracy achieved by coders using QuikCoder result in less audits, fewer returned claims and improved RAF scores resulting in higher payments to providers. Contact us today for more information on our pricing plans or to start your free trial.

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