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2017 ICD10 Search Engine

2018 ICD10 Search Engine

2017 icd10 search engine Why not leave the stress of the upcoming ICD10 coding changes to the experts QuikCoder? QuikCoder engineers have already updated our database, and our 2018 ICD10 search engine is ready for immediate search. With QuikCoder, you don’t need to worry about ICD10 coding additions, revisions or deletions that take effect October 1, 2016. We take care of updating our 2018 ICD10 codes, so you can concentrate on doing your job rather than use up your time learning new, updated codes.

QuikCoder was the brainchild of Dr. Vivanti Jain, a plastic surgeon with a practice in Santa Monica, California. Dr. Jain’s previous experience as a software engineer gave him the inspiration to design and create QuikCoder for the benefit of his private surgical practice. Within a short time, QuikCoder was made available to medical providers, freelance coders and others to provide them with benefits such as:

  • Reduced reimbursement delays
  • Improved coding accuracy
  • Lowered educational requirements for coders
  • More freelance coder opportunities
  • Lowered coding costs
  • Easily searchable ICD10 codes in milliseconds

Medical practices and medical billing companies can handle more claim processing with fewer coders, with the QuikCoder 2018 ICD10 search engine. Our graphic user interface is so easy to use that intuitive searches can be completed by simply entering words that are used every day by physicians during office visits or taken from operative or medical procedure notes. Searches can also be completed by keying full or partial codes and words. QuikCoder is perfect for use on office desktops or can be used on laptops and tablets.

We offer pricing plans to fit any budget. Our Unlimited Internet Plan is available in monthly and yearly subscriptions and gives you access anytime and anywhere. Our Download Plan includes CPT, 2017 and 2018 ICD10 codes. The purchase of our Download Plan also includes a bonus of unlimited free internet access. New editions or any updates the following year are available with a small yearly update fee.

For a free trial of the fastest, most accurate 2017 ICD10 search engine on the market today, contact QuikCoder today.

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