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ICD10 Coder

ICD10 CoderDelays in healthcare reimbursements to healthcare providers and patients are often caused by the coding errors of an ICD10 coder. Physicians and their staff in busy offices don’t have time to look through thousands upon thousands of codes to find the right one for each and every patient. ICD10 coding software from Quikcoder brings the money in faster because it offers a search engine that is simple to use and a more accurate way to code and prepare bills. The latest edition of Quikcoder includes ICD10, ICD9 and CPT codes. Our search engine can even utilize the words used every day in medical offices during exams or medical procedures and those found in medical chart notations to find the correct ICD code.

Quikcoder searches can be performed by using a full code, a partial code, a word, multi-word phrases or partial word descriptions. Other features of the software include the following:

  • 73,000 billable codes access
  • Easy to use
  • Graphic interface
  • internet accessible or downloadable
  • Portable for multiple electronic devices
  • Increased accuracy for increased RAF score

Quikcoder offers plans to fit the needs of any ICD10 coder. Our Unlimited Internet Plan provides access anytime with monthly or yearly subscriptions. Our Download Plan for ultimate speed includes ICD10 coding software along with codes associated with ICD9, CPT and Medications. It has an upfront cost with the added bonus of unlimited free internet access. Updates are also available yearly with this plan for a small fee.

Because we are absolutely certain that you will find our ICD coding software to be the most efficient and accurate on the market, we offer two different ways for any ICD10 coder to try our product. The Quikcoder Test Drive allows you to type in part of code or description keyword to conduct an ICD10 or ICD9 search. Our Free 7-Day Trial is another option available for you to experience how fast and easy coding can be using Quikcoder. Try it for free now!

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