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download (4)QUIKCODER has been designed by Vivanti N. Jain, MD, a Plastic Surgeon in Santa Monica, California.
Future Products Include:

  • Facial-recognition software
  • Library Card Catalogue
  • Dictionary and Spelling Checker
  • Inventory and Parts Locator
  • Medical Billing Systems
  • EHR Technology

Before Dr. Jain entered the field of medicine, he was trained extensively in Computer Science, earning an undergraduate major from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and then working at CPT Corporation in Eden Prairie, Minnesota for 6 years as a software engineer. Working in industry paved the way for Dr. Jain to develop creative ideas that were immediately implemented and eventually marketed. Dr. Jain then utilized his knowledge and training to manage computer systems and personnel for the benefit of his private practice while at the same time providing state of the art Plastic Surgery in Santa Monica, California.

Quikcoder needed to be developed to save time and accurately code medical bills. Coding errors were resulting in delays in reimbursement that dramatically reduced incoming revenue. Even a single digit error would result in a potential delay of 60 or more days in recouping payment for services that had been rendered 45 or more days previously. Moreover, going from about 1200 ICD9 codes to 155,000 ICD10 codes would increase the error rate dramatically without Quikcoder.

Quikcoder takes the mystery out of accurately coding in ICD10. Now the biller and/or coder can accurately code intuitively by using normal words that the physician has used in the office visit, operative note, etc. He/she no longer requires an extensive education prior to adopting the new ICD10 coding system.









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