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Best ICD Coding Software

Best ICD Coding Software

Best ICD Coding SoftwareIt’s no surprise that the best ICD coding software on the market is Quikcoder. Quikcoder was developed by a plastic surgeon to fill a need in his office. Vivanti N. Jain, MD earned an undergraduate degree in computer science and worked as a software engineer prior to starting his plastic surgery practice in Santa Monica, California. Incoming revenue from insurance reimbursement were delayed due to coding errors. His creative ideas to save time by accurately coding medical bills were developed into the most accurate ICD coding software available, Quikcoder.

Quikcoder is considered the best ICD coding software for a variety of reasons. The search engine is able to produce accurate results intuitively. Coders using this accurate ICD coding software will no longer need extensive education in medical terminology and coding. Normal words used in healthcare such as office visit chart notes or surgical notes can be keyed into the search of over 73,000 billable codes in milliseconds and will result in accurate ICD codes. Additionally, you can conduct a search on Quikcoder by keying a code, partial code, word, partial word, a few letters or multiple words. The graphic user interface makes it simple and easy to use.

Quikcoder includes the following code searches:

  • ICD 9 codes
  • ICD 10 codes
  • CPT codes
  • Medication

Quikcoder is offered in two different pricing plans so users can choose the platform that fits their individual needs. The Unlimited Internet Plan is available in monthly or yearly subscriptions and is perfect for those who need portability because they frequently use different devices such as tablets, laptops and desktops when performing searches. The Download Plan includes a download of the 2016 Edition and includes the bonus of unlimited internet access. Yearly updates are made available on the Download Plan for a fee. Quikcoder engineers are already incorporating all of the upcoming 2017 code changes, so your ICD10 2017 codes will be available on October 1st, 2016. Because we know that you will find Quikcoder to be the easiest and best ICD coding software, we offer a free one minute test drive or a free 7-day trial. Try it for free now!

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