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Fastest ICD 10 Search Engine

Fastest ICD 10 Search Engine

QuikCoder is the product medical providers and billing companies choose when they want the fastest ICD 10 search engine with the most accurate results. They know that a quality ICD 10 coding tool reduces coding errors that can result in long delays of reimbursements following medical services. Selecting the fastest ICD 10 search engine, QuikCoder, for coding in medical practices provides a broad assortment of other benefits, as well.

Value-Added Benefits Include:

  • Less medical education required for coders
  • Fewer coders needed
  • Access to ICD 9, ICD 10 and CPT codes
  • The flexibility to code at an office or off-site
  • Automatically updated codes, when necessary
  • 73,000 billable codes can be searched in milliseconds

Because QuikCoder is extremely easy to use, less medical education is required when it is the ICD 10 coding tool. Searches can be completed in a variety of ways including keying a code, partial code, word, partial word or multiple words. QuikCoder can also search intuitively with words used regularly in medical offices. There is no need for different coders for ICD 10 codes and CPT coding, because QuikCoder can conduct searches for both, and QuikCoder is amazingly fast and accurate. As a result, more files are coded in less time and fewer coders are needed on staff.

QuikCoder can be used on desktops, laptops and tablets, which makes it the ideal ICD 10 coding tool for coding on-the-go at different times and locations. QuikCoder also eliminates the need to learn new codes or update your coding program when changes or updates are made to ICD codes. We will automatically update the system for you as changes are released.

Do you want to try the fastest ICD 10 search engine QuikCoder? See for yourself how easy and accurate it is. Take a one minute free Test Drive now.

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