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Fastest ICD10 Coder

Fastest ICD10 Coder

Fastest ICD10 CoderEfficiency is usually rewarded in any office. It is particularly important in the medical industry. When Dr. Vivanti N. Jain, a Santa Monica, California plastic surgeon opened his practice, he discovered the importance of accuracy in every single ICD10 keyword search. He saw first-hand how even simple errors could cause long delays in reimbursement times. He saw the need for the industry’s most accurate and fastest ICD10 coder, improving the effectiveness of each search. He couldn’t find a product to suit his purposes but he did have something many of his colleagues didn’t have. That was an extensive education in computer science and previous work experience as a computer engineer. He went about developing QuikCoder.

Today, QuikCoder is the fastest ICD10 coder available, able to perform an ICD10 keyword search in milliseconds. QuikCoder supports ICD10, ICD9, and CPT® coding. QuikCoder was created with valuable features:

  • Easy to use intuitive graphic interface
  • Searches by code or partial codes
  • New patented database search technology
  • Download it to any device or access through the internet

With QuikCoder, you will see the accuracy of each ICD10 keyword search improve dramatically. Even when incomplete codes or phrases are entered, QuikCoder works to deliver accurate results. It is the fastest ICD10 coder available and will improve productivity and your bottom line. But you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Try QuikCoder for yourself. We’ve made QuikCoder available for you to try online for a limited “test drive”. Enter a code or even a partial code. We think you will quickly realize how QuikCoder can make your billing quicker and more accurate. It won’t take long to see the value it provides in limiting ICD10 code billing errors and decreasing reimbursement times. Created by a medical professional to be used by medical professionals,  contact QuikCoder today!

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