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ICD 10 Code

ICD 10 Code

The ICD 10 code system of medical classification was created by the World Health Organization. The primary job function of most medical billing coders is determining and selecting the correct code for insurance payments and processing. These codes are used by healthcare professionals to classify diagnoses, procedures and symptoms. For individuals and healthcare providers, an ICD 10 code can affect insurance reimbursements and payments. In addition, these codes are used for other purposes such as referrals to other physicians, courses of treatment, medication prescriptions, laboratory tests and more. They are also used by other organizations for purposes such as research, medical fraud, and global healthcare and in response to public health issues.

In days gone by, ICD10 coding was very time-consuming and many times resulted in incorrect coding. The Quikcoder ICD10 search engine has changed the world of ICD coding forever. The technological advances of Quikcoder include the following:

  • Fastest ICD10 search engine available
  • Amazingly accurate
  • Available for use on several platforms
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Easy to use-formal training unnecessary
  • Search by code, word or intuitively

The Quikcoder technology has made the accurate selection of an ICD10 code easy. Healthcare facilities and medical offices are saving time and money with Quikcoder, and the accuracy of the codes reduce delays in reimbursements and increases cash flow.

Quikcoder is the search engine for freelance ICD 10 code professionals. With Quikcoder, extensive education and training are not necessary for accurate coding. Because Quikcoder’s search of over 73,000 billable codes in milliseconds is so easy to use, freelance coders can be more productive, adding customers and, in turn, additional income sources. Quikcoder is also portable and can be used on your desktop, laptop or tablet. Contact us today for information on our affordable Quikcoder pricing plans.

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