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ICD10 Code Search

ICD10 Code Search

ICD10 CodesWhen Vivanti N. Jain, MD, a plastic surgeon in Santa Monica, California entered the medical field, he quickly saw the need to improve ICD10 physician billing. He witnessed how conducting an
ICD code search
was not only cumbersome but many times inaccurate. Dr. Jain had something most others don’t in medicine. He had a background in computer science and computer engineering and he put that knowledge and experience to work in developing Quikcoder.

Quikcoder is an innovative ICD10 physician coding system that also searches ICD9, and CPT® codes. It was designed to be easy to use without an extensive education or training. It searches over 73,000 billing codes in milliseconds with just a few simple keystrokes. It makes an ICD10 code search more simple, faster and more accurate.

We’ve even made getting Quikcoder easy!

  • Try a free test drive
  • Choose a downloadable or online option
  • Select a payment plan for online access
  • Have immediate access!

Because you can download it right to your device or access it from the internet, Quikcoder is portable and flexible to use on multitude of devices. Quikcoder takes the mystery out of an ICD10 code search. Now physician billing can be done intuitively with normal words a physician would use in an office visit or in operative notes. Quikcoder can pay for itself in time savings and faster reimbursements.

Try our ICD10 physician billing system today free for a limited time. See how easy and fast it is to use. Then take the next step and buy it right online. Download your copy or choose our online-access version with a choice of monthly or money-saving annual payment options. Don’t allow your reimbursements to get slowed down by billing errors. Improve the efficiency of the billing in your office with Quikcoder. Get yours today.

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