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ICD10 Code

ICD10 Code

ICD10 CodeIf you or your team is involved in medical billing, you likely understand how frustrating medical billing coding errors can be. They can waste time, cause delays, and create cash flow issues. That’s why a Santa Monica doctor, with computer software programming experience, developed Quikcoder, ICD10 coding software that also is ICD9 and CPT compatible.

Vivanti N. Jain, MD spent 6 years as a software engineer who developed efficient software programs for a variety of applications before entering the medical profession. Once he did, he immediately saw the need for a robust ICD10 code search engine that could help medical professionals more accurately determine appropriate codes. He knew that improved accuracy meant improve cash flow and Quikcoder was created.

Now, you can take advantage of this ICD10 code software and even try it right online.
With Quikcoder you will be able to :

  • Reduce costly errors
  • Save time in coding
  • Save time in preparing bills

Quikcoder takes both the mystery and errors out of ICD10 coding. It uses words that are used every day by the physician or in his or her operative notes. There isn’t an extensive training or learning curve to be concerned about. Quikcoder can go to work for you immediately using a choice of platforms. Choose unlimited online internet access on a monthly or annual basis. Purchase a download with annual updates.

Take Quikcoder for a test drive today. See how effectively Quikcoder  can find the accurate ICD10 code for you. If you have been looking for ICD10 coding software, that is simple to use yet improves accuracy and cash flow, contact us about Quikcoder . We will be glad to answer your questions and demonstrate how Quikcoder can go to work for you. We look forward to helping your improve your medical billing accuracy.

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