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ICD10 Codes

ICD10 CodesThe fastest, most accurate and easiest way to find correct ICD10 codes for any ICD10 coder is by using the 2015 Edition Quikcoder Software! Created by Vivanti N. Jain MD, a computer science undergraduate, computer software engineer and plastic surgeon from California, Quikcoder was initially developed to benefit private practices by improving cash flow by eliminating billing errors due to incorrect ICD10 codes.

Quikcoder is now used for ICD coding by healthcare professionals, researchers, government agencies and more for a variety of purposes including:

  • Defining and classifying diseases
  • Health record recording
  • Tracking medical disease trends
  • Healthcare billing
  • Medical reimbursement

In addition to searches of ICD10 codes, CPT and ICD9 code searches can be completed with Quikcoder. Our search engine is super-fast. With just a few keystrokes, the software searches 73,000 codes in milliseconds. Not only is it easy to use for searching by code or partial code, an intuitive search by using only a few letters and/or words used every day throughout the medical field can be used by any ICD10 coder for complete accurate results.

If a pay as you go coding search is what you are looking for, then the Quikcoder Ultimate Internet is the plan for you. This plan offers both monthly and yearly online subscriptions. If you need all the bells and whistles, the Download Plan includes download for ICD10, ICD9, CPT and Medications code searches, along with unlimited free Quikcoder internet access for a one-time fee. Yearly updates are also available for a small fee with the Download Plan.

Whether you are an individual ICD10 coder or you manage an entire team of coders, we are confident you will find Quikcoder to produce the accurate results you are looking to achieve with coding software. Contact our team with any questions you have in regards to ICD10 codes or our software.

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