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ICD10 Coding Software

ICD10 Coding Software

ICD10 Coding SoftwareAre you looking for ICD10 coding software to improve the accuracy of your medical billing? Would you like to improve cash flow by minimizing errors? Would you like it accessible on a laptop or tablet? We are proud to introduce you to Quikcoder,  a robust ICD10 search engine that streamlines the medical billing process using ICD9, ICD10, and CPT.

Quikcoder was developed by a medical doctor, who entered the medical profession after spending 6 years as a software engineer. After creating software for a variety of other applications, Dr. Vivanti N. Jain saw the potential for errors in medical billing and understood the problems it caused in delaying reimbursements. He combined the knowledge, from his previous career with his private medical practice, and developed this Quikcoder  ICD10 search engine that is helping medical professionals across the country. Quikcoder has valuable features:

  • The 2015 Edition isICD10, ICD9, CPT® compatible
  • New patent pending database search technology
  • Easy to use, intuitive, Graphic User Interface
  • Search by code or partial code
  • Search by word or partial word of description

Quikcoder is ICD10 coding software that is faster and more accurate than any other option out there. It allows users to look up 73,000 ICD codes in just milliseconds and a few letters is all it takes. Give it a test drive today.

If you would like to know more about Quikcoder and how it is helping medical offices across the country become more effective and efficient, contact us. With Quikcoder, you have several affordable options to choose from including monthly or annual payments for unlimited internet access, or a download buyout option. Each choice can be implemented quickly without extensive staff training. Don’t wait. Get Quikcoder today and minimize your medical billing errors while improving your cash flow.


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