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ICD10 Coding

ICD10 Coding

ICD10 CodingHow did a Santa Monica doctor develop ICD10 coding software that is minimizing errors in medical offices across the country? Here’s how Vivanti N. Jain, MD developed this powerful ICD10 codes search engine that is improving accuracy and cash flow.

When Dr. Jain entered the medical field, he did so after spending 6 years as a software engineer creating a variety of software programs for a variety of applications. Once he started his private medical practice, in Santa Monica, California, he quickly saw the need for improved medical billing software that would eliminate ICD9 and ICD10 coding errors. It was then he began developing Quikcoder. Quikcoder easily converts everyday language, used by doctors, into the appropriate codes for billing purposes. It is designed to minimize delays that can cost you money.

Quikcoder software is available in a variety of affordable packages and platforms:

  • Unlimited internet access through monthly payments
  • Unlimited internet access through an annual payment
  • Outright download purchase with annual updates


Quikcoder allows users to search some 73,000 ICD10 codes in milliseconds with just a few keystrokes. Our easy to use, intuitive, graphic interface makes Quikcoder simple to use without extensive training. You can search by word or partial word or phrases. It is portable enough to use on a laptop, tablet or desktop. Quikcoder uses new patented database search technology which is patent pending.

We’ve made Quikcoder easy to test drive. Give our ICD10 coding search software a try. We think you’ll find it easy to use.

If you would like to know more about Quikcoder and how it can improve accuracy and cash flow for your medical office, contact us. We have made finding appropriate ICD10 codes easier than ever. We look forward to assisting you in improving your billing system.


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