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ICD10 Keyword Search

ICD10 Keyword Search

ICD10 Keyword SearchIf performing an ICD10 keyword search for your medical office sometimes produces errors, you are invited to try QuikCoder. QuikCoder is the fastest ICD10 coder on the market today, helping you and your staff accurately perform an ICD10 keyword search from any device.

Not only will you find QuikCoder the fastest ICD10 coder, but its accuracy limits costly mistakes. Offices utilizing the QuikCoder see a quicker turnaround on reimbursements with fewer errors. QuikCoder supports ICD10, ICD9 and CPT coding. You can download QuikCoder directly to a device or access it through the internet via any enabled device. QuikCoder is convenient and effective. QuikCoder uses a new patent pending database search technology that can search 73,000 billable codes in milliseconds with just a few keystrokes.

  • Search by code or even partial code
  • Perform aICD10 keyword search with a word or partial word
  • Multi-word search capability
  • Easy to use intuitive interface

Increased coding accuracy means a higher RAF score and reimbursement. Because it is the fastest ICD10 coder, time is spent more efficiently.

QuikCoder was designed by Vivanti N. Jain, MD, a Plastic Surgeon in Santa Monica, California. Prior to becoming a surgeon, Dr. Jain received extensive training in Computer Science. He earned an undergraduate major from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He then spent 6 years working as a software engineer. Upon entering the medical field, Dr. Jain recognized the problems errors caused when conducting an ICD10 keyword search and put his knowledge to work creating QuikCoder. Today, this useful software is available for you.

QuikCoder takes the mystery out of accurate ICD10 coding. It can be accessed with a tablet, laptop or cellphone making it portable. You can try it for free. Once you see how fast and accurate QuikCoder is you’ll want to download it or have unlimited access on enabled devices. Try it today and improve the efficiency of your ICD10 keyword searches today!  Contact us today.

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