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ICD10 Code Search Engine

ICD10 Search Engine

  ICD10 Code Search EngineGoing from some 1200 ICD9 codes to 155,000 ICD10 codes, in the medical industry, was sure to create training problems and error rates when creating medical billing. Now, errors and extensive education in adopting the new ICD10 coding system are unnecessary with Quikcoder . With Quikcoder,, the biller and coder can accurately code by using verbiage the physician has used in the office visit and in operative notes. It is an efficient and effective way to ICD10 coding.

Quikcoder was created by a plastic surgeon from Santa Monica, CA by the name of Vivanti N. Jain, MD. Prior to entering the medical field, Dr. Jain received extensive training in Computer Science, earning an undergraduate major from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He then spent 6 years working as a computer software engineer. Dr. Jain then put his knowledge and experience to manage computer systems to benefit his private practice. His interest in programming and the new ICD10 code and ICD10 search engine opportunities led him to develop Quikcoder  The database technology patent that has been used to develop Quikcoder has also been used by Dr. Jain to develop:

  • A library card-style catalog system
  • Inventory and parts locator
  • EHR Technology
  • Spell checker


Quikcoder ICD10 code medical billing systems save time an improve cash flow by eliminating billing errors. Its robust ICD10 search engine uses everyday words of medical professionals in the office. This ICD10 search engine is designed to absolutely minimize billing issues that slow down reimbursements.

Choose a pricing plan and platform to suit your needs. Select from a Unlimited Internet platform, purchase the download platform with annual updates  We even allow you to “test drive” Quikcoder online. You can easily see how simple and effective our ICD10 code search engine locates the ICD10 code you are looking for. Contact Quikcoder  today and improve your billing accuracy and cash flow tomorrow!

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