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Physicians, coders and others have come to rely on Quikcoder every day for accurate ICD10 related code searches and information. When an insurance company receives a claim with an incorrect ICD10 code, payments to both the medical provider and the patient are often delayed. These delays end up costing the insurance companies, providers and coding personnel additional time and money correcting the error. Quikcoder was created by a physician as an ICD10 tool for his private practice for fast, efficient and accurate billing and is now available to everyone, used by healthcare providers, IT professionals, professional coders, researchers and more.

The 2015/2016 Edition of Quikcoder has many features including the following:

  • Download Pricing Plan
  • Unlimited Internet Access Pricing Plan
  • Graphic User Interface
  • ICD10 Codes
  • ICD9 Codes
  • CPT Codes
  • Updated 2017 ICD10 Code Changes

The Quikcoder search engine is so fast that it can search over 73,000 billable codes in milliseconds. Searching is easy and can be done in many ways. Users can enter a code or partial code. In addition, users can search by keying a few letters, a partial word or several words and produce desired results. Quikcoder is unique because it has the ability to search intuitively, so coders can enter an everyday term that is used in medical offices or physicians’ notes into the Quikcoder search engine and yield an accurate code in the results.  Even untrained personnel can quickly and accurately code physicians’ notes without additional reference.

The coding advances that this patent pending technology offers has helped to reduce the shortage of coders by increasing productivity and accuracy. In addition, less ICD10 education and training is needed because searches yield correct codes and are easy to conduct. Quikcoder has convenient pricing plans including software downloads and unlimited internet access. Free trials are also available to those wanting to test the accuracy and speed of Quikcoder. For more information about this incredible, easy to use ICD10 code product, contact us today.

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